Why did we start Green + Kind?

Why did we start Green + Kind?

The answer to this is really simple; we want to make change.

We are a hugely disposable society and I was brought up in the ‘plastic fantastic’ age where everything was wrapped, covered and packed in plastic. We simply couldn’t have too much plastic. Except we can; our oceans have turned into a rubbish tip and our marine life is dying from eating plastic instead of their normal diet. So this has to stop and we have to make the change. It is already predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

I wanted to develop a range of products that we would use everyday to replace single use products to combat the ridiculous amount of waste we create. These products need to be plastic free, minimally packaged and biodegradable, or reusable.

They also need to support organisations, like Sea Shepherd, that are doing great work to protect our planet and I wanted what we contribute to these organisations to be very transparent. Many businesses will say they give 10% of profits to charity. For us that is far too loose as that really depends how you define profit and if you’re a new business you probably aren’t making a great deal of profit. So, for us, giving to the community is something that we actually do and we’re transparent about. It’s not a marketing tool; we do it because we want to and because it’s important.

Green + Kind will grow and develop and hopefully answer many of the problems we face when it comes to plastic waste.