Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

Here at Green + Kind, our planet is always top of mind. We are constantly thinking about what we can do as a business and as individuals to combat climate change and save our planet. We love providing you with our sustainable and eco-friendly products that are better for the environment, but we also have to face the facts— our planet needs our help. 

Earth Day is an annual event that demonstrates support for environmental protection. April 22nd marks the anniversary and birth of the modern environmental movement that started in 1970. It’s a day where we should be extra conscious about what we do and how we do it. We have a stunning planet and need to keep it that way! 

Last year Earth Day looked very differently because of the covid pandemic. Events took place all around the world online and through screens, whilst people were still encouraged to do things like going for a litter cleanup. This year you can get a lot more involved!

The theme of  Earth Day 2021  is ‘Restore our Earth.’ The key message here is that if everyone collectively does this together, we can prevent future disasters of climate change and environmental destruction. 

What’s on this Earth Day?

The plan for this year is to have not one, but three days of climate action! From April 20- April 22.

Summits will be led on April 20th and April 21st will have a ‘Teach for the Planet’ summit that focuses on the crucial role that educators play in combating climate change. On April 22nd, the Earth Day live digital event will take place, focusing on restoring the earth.

So how can we help?

Earth Day gives us a  5 pillar guide to help restore our earth. Ways you can help include: The canopy project (planting trees), food and environment (shrink your foodprint), the great global cleanup (every piece of litter picked up makes a difference), climate literacy (educate students) and the global earth challenge (an app that helps engage millions of people, whilst integrating data). 

Our 4 super easy tips include:

  • Composting and recycling your soft plastics 
  • Eat more plants (switching to a plant-based diet) to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Be an advocate for our planet
  • Make the switch to plastic-free products

We now have 51 years of history, where we can learn more about the movement, the hard-fought success, the latest press and simply reflect. 

Remember! Climate action is a year-round effort, Earth Day just reminds us of this effort. We have to maintain it in order to live on a healthy planet. Everything you do for the planet makes a difference!