Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor – Gunmetal

AU $39.95
  • Reusable Three Piece Safety Razor
  • Brass and Zinc Alloy
  • Blades Sold Separately

Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor in Gunmetal Grey

Our Green + Kind safety razors are one of the many great ways to help our planet and reduce plastic. Not only are they beautiful but they are also plastic-free and give you a close shave.

The razor uses standard safety razor blades (not included). Simply twist the head off the handle, place the blade inside the head and put the handle back on.

  • Razor Type: Three Piece
  • Length: 10.5cm
  • Weight: 92g

Billions of razors are thrown away globally each year and most end up in landfill. This is a plastic-free alternative that will last you years.

Made from brass and zinc alloy.

Green + Kind is founded by us folk at Flora & Fauna. Green + Kind focus on ethical products that are cruelty-free, have minimal impact on the environment but are also good for us – People, Planet, Animals! Green + Kind believe there are better alternatives to things we use every day. By producing our own brand we aim to give you a better price so we can help everyone make better choices. Green + Kind is a Certified BCorp.

Three Piece System: twist the head off the handle, place the blade between the two head pieces and put the head back on the handle.

Use with Shark or Green + Kind blades (purchased separately).

Store outside of the shower.

Zinc Alloy Head, Brass Handle, Matte Black Plated

The box, which we think is beautiful, can be used for travel or composted.

The razor lasts years. If you do need to dispose of it talk to your council regarding metal recycling.

Blades should be stored in a metal tin. When you are ready to recycle them talk to your council regarding sharps and metal recycling.

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