Green + Kind Luxe Coconut Bowl Set – Raw

AU $23.95
  • Handmade Raw Coconut Bowl and Cutlery Set
  • Bowl: Approx Diameter 12cm-15cm, Height: 6cm
  • Reusable and Great for Lunch

Green + Kind Handcrafted Coconut Bowl with Knife, Fork & Spoon Set

This is a raw natural coconut shell perfect for snacks, nibbles, stir frys, muesli and more. It’s also great as a table decoration.

Diameter 12cm-15cm, Height: 6cm

Also included is a knife, fork and spoon made out of the tropical hardwood Ebony.

Knife: Length 16.5cm x width (widest point): 2.5cm

Fork: Length 16.5cm x width (widest point): 3cm

Spoon: Length 16cm x width (widest point): 3.5cm

Due to the nature of coconuts, the dimensions given are an approximation as every coconut is unique, so there may be slight differences in size and shape. The bowls are made from discarded coconuts.

Note: they are natural and not sealed so are not suitable for food with excess liquid and not suitable for food which is very hot as it can cause the bowl to crack.

Coconut Bowl: Country of Origin: Vietnam

Fork & Spoon: Country of Origin: South East Asia

Green + Kind is founded by us folk at Flora & Fauna.  Green + Kind focus on ethical products that have minimal impact on the environment but are also good for us. Green + Kind believe there are better alternatives to things we use every day and they like to do it with a twist.

Green + Kind are heavily focused on conservation whether that be marine, animal or the environment. With these toothbrushes Green + Kind proudly sponsor Sea Shepherd to help with marine conservation and 50c from each toothbrush holder goes to Sea Shepherd.

Rinse your bowl, knife, fork and spoon in room temperature water before use.

  • Do not use with extremely hot foods.
  • Hand wash with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Do not use in the dishwasher or soak for a long period of time.
  • Do not expose your bowl to extreme heat.
  • Do not use in the refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher.

Bowl: Coconut

Knife, Fork and Spoon: Tropical Ebony Hardwood

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