Green + Kind Coconut Scrub Pad Round

AU $4.95
  • Natural Coconut Fibres
  • Deeply Cleans and Removes Grease
  • Size: 10cm Diameter

Green + Kind Scrub Pads, a Compostable Alternative

These unique scrub pads are made from natural organic coconut fibres. The fibres on this pad are stitched together and it is quite a rigid pad. Compostable and hygienic it stays fresh and effective for months.

  • Lasts for several months
  • Uses less soap but produces more suds
  • Plastic-free
  • Removes the most baked on grease effectively
  • Compostable

Note the size of the scrub is approximately 10cm diameter.

Apply a small amount of soap to the scrub and mix with water. Wash your dishes and air dry. When finished dispose of in the garden, yard or compost bin.

Natural coconut fibre.

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